Sunday, 11 October 2009

Gamespotting 036 - Retro All The Way This Chrimbo

Over the summer and the few weeks into this semester; I have discovered a few things about my gaming taste and it might not come as much of a surprise but I am a fully Retro gamer and nothing else.

I have been finding myself playing nothing but Retro titles over the last few months and have got another pile to play after them. Many people would say there is nothing wrong with this; but as a video games student. Shouldn't I be playing more modern titles that have just been released instead of playing around in the past?

It has crossed my mind a few times over the last month while playing Sonic and Pokemon for my dissertation; but I think it is because there is nothing that I want to play at the moment but more importantly; I feel there is nothing going to be released within the next few months that I would be in desperation to play.

I am not bothered much about the likes of COD: Modern Warfare 2 or many other big titles over the christmas period but instead have opted for more retro titles; including Panzer Dragoon Saga which I am at a Bidding War in at this moment in time but should be mine in a few days; but also playing Shenmue 2 on the way it should be played; The Dreamcast.

So hopefully there will be something that will come along that will bring be back into the next generation; but for this moment in time I am sticking in the last.