Saturday, 19 December 2009

Gamespotting 039 - Down Time

Well; Me as well as many other people have now finished for the xmas holidays and I think everybody deserves a bit of rest and relaxation over the next few weeks. With the rush of the next week aside for the moment; this weekend will prove to be a godsend for many people.

Well; I am sitting here at my desk which has been covered in paperwork and books for the last few weeks and I have shifted all the crap for a few hours of downtime catching up with a few things. The main thing on my list was to look for a few more Xmas presents for a few members of my family and Amazon was my first stop. I had a fourth look at the kindle while I was there (admiring it secretly) and picked up a few bargains along the way.

Second stop was on my blogs; which I updated after a month absence with some more rantings and then downloaded some podcasts (Answer Me This; One Life Left and Phill and Phil's Perfect 10 to name a few) to keep me occupied.

One thing that has scared me over the last few hours was that this was officially my last christmas at Salford; even though I have not noticed it over the last few months but it is scary that this time next year; I will be a year older and doing my day to day tasks within another place apart from Salford which I am going to miss so much when I have left there.

To tell people the truth; I am unsure what I want to do next yet; I have had a few things and ideas floating around in my mind (Teaching being the main thing) but the decision is still unsure and I will have to think about it very quickly.

Well I am looking forward to this christmas very much and have a lot to keep myself occupied with (mainly my Dissertation and Essay to name a few) but I also have some time with my PS3 with my name on it and also re-playing no more heroes ready for next years sequel which is top of my games list (as well as Bioshock 2 and Mass Effect 2); so now I am going to play some good games instead of playing nothing.

Well; I am going to be now but I wish everybody a merry Xmas and hope people have a new year (when the hangovers have finished)